This map is of Chinese nationality made after 2006, but before 2011. I assume that the map is written in Mandarin/Standard Chinese. The author is unknown to me, as is the reason for the creation of the map.

2. The map is distorted to the affect that regions along the edges of the map appear stretched out and regions appear more "normal shaped" the further inward you go in the map, which could give off the impression that only China and its surrounding nations are worthy of note.

3. Of all the maps on the website (https://criticalsocialeducator.wordpress.com/), i find the Mollweide projection the most accurate. The reason for this is that it tries to focus on the problems of many maps displaying a rounded earth by distorting the oceans and therefore focussing on the landmasses being accurate. The most pressing detail of this was the size of Greenland and how it isnt the hulking landmass the size of South America like the famous Mercator projection describes.