Discussion questions for the forward, and first 50 pages of Night, by Elie Wiesel

1. Is it easy or difficult to put yourself in the author's shoes?

2. How effective was Moshie the Beadle in persuading the town to leave before the Germans came?

3. Why didn't Elie's family leave before they were put into the ghettos?

4. How can Elie's story be used to teach us about the holocaust?

Response to Ally:

  • Why did the Nazi’s strip the Jewish people of their belongings, shaving their heads, and give them numbers? Other than being able to count the people in the camp what else did the tattooed number on their arm accomplish?

By eliminating any sense of originality, the Nazi's were able to make every prisoner of their concentration camps indistinguishable, and therefore dehumanize them. By stripping away what makes someone unique, they were able to strip away any sense of humanity, thus making the prisoners nothing more than cattle on their way to slaughter. Not only does this beat down the morality and optimism of the prisoners themselves, but it makes it easier for Nazi soldiers committing the mass atrocities to kill prisoners. If a Nazi soldier cant identify with a prisoner, either by clothing, hair, beliefs, then prisoners can't mean anything to them.