My name is Jordan Stark, and I'm striving to become a Teacher

Professional Information: I am currently working toward completing my Bachelors Degree in Historical-Education in secondary education at Michigan State University, while also pursuing a minor in mathematics, and a social studies endorsement. For the past 8 years, have been a Jr. Counselor, Counselor, and most recently a Jr. Director at Camp Wakanda, a youth Presbyterian Summer/Winter Camp. It is here i have gotten experience, both hands on and administratively, with middle school aged children and how they learn, socialize, and grow with each other. It has provided me extraordinary context as i continue my educational experience in how to become a teacher.

Personal Information: Both of my parents have gotten their masters at Michigan State University, so i am quite engrained with the history and culture of MSU. I have a deep love for music and instruments. I have been playing piano for 16 years, percussion for 10 years, guitar for 6 years, and ukulele for 4 years. I am a member of the MSU Club Fencing Team and have been for the past 3 years. I have been treasurer, web-master, captain, and currently am the secretary of the club.

"If I could live in any time period other than today, I would pick..." the future. A driving force behind becoming a teacher is my growing consciousness of social awareness. History is not kind to those who aren't of a particular race/class/age/sex/etc. Considering the climate with current events, it would be very interesting to me how much we progress, or digress in the field of justice and equality.

There is so much in the fields of teaching that excite me. Even as i go forth and learn how to teach children, I'm excited to see what i am able to teach, and ultimately, what they are going to be able to teach me.