1. After taking the 16 personalities test, i most identify with the ESFP-A personality, known on the website as the Entertainer personality. What this means is that i am used to being social, near the spotlight, and for worrying about others desires and wants, as well as being bad at planning, being impulsive, and worrying about the end goal more than the actual steps needed to reach that goal.

2. This personality brings advantages as it focusses on the need for others, in this case students, attention and caring for their well-being and emotions. As a teacher i will focus heavily on what the needs of my students are and making sure that they are in the most positive mind, body, and spirit as they can be. If students are happy, then learning can be learned more efficiently.

3. The professional disadvantages of this personality however include one of the most important aspects of any teachers day, preparation. According to the website, my personality is easily impulsive and makes decisions irrationally. Because Lesson/Unit plans require a ton of preparation and looking ahead, it sounds like the Entertainer personality would have more than a few problems either prioritizing or