This is my sample lesson plan and powerpoint for a lesson in which i would teach an early-high school class what the political spectrum is, and what it means.

Rational: Students should become familiar with the many facets of what it means to be "political". Informing students of the economic scale (left-right) and showing the difference and relationship to the social scale (authoritarian-libertarian) will help students realize who they are and where they stand, but also how to be informed in future political events.

Learning Outcomes: Understanding of what it means to be economically right/left, what the authoritarian/libertarian scale means, and where certain political figures land.

Procedures: Bell work that focusses on prior knowledge of american political parties/candidates, tying that to spectrum, using their knowledge of parties and connecting that to specific points on the spectrum.

Assessment: Exit ticket of mystery historical figure, what they believe in, and then asking students to place a dot where they thing that figure would be on the spectrum.